• Gaurav Mathur

Read & Grow - My Books for 2021

Read, read every day, and you will gain rewards instantly, a reward of being wiser, smarter and a person better equipped with information. Start early, make it a habit and you will discover yourself and the world around you. My daughter has had a habit of reading since she was 5 (now 11) and always insisted on visiting a bookstore once a month to pick up something new to read. We both complement and motivate each other to read more and more, and even exchange something we would have found interesting (I know Harry Potter very well now :)).

Here are some of the books that I explored in the last few months and found these provoking and interesting:

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** - by Mark Manson

I recently bought a copy and got instantly attached to it. It's hard-hitting and wicked, talks about a straightforward and practical approach towards life.

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Ikigai - The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life - by Garcia & Miralles

This book provides an insight into how to embrace and obtain a healthier and happier way of life, through disco`vering our individual IKIGAI or "art of living", with experiences and practices.

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Influencer - The New Science of Leading Change - by Grenny, Patterson, Maxfield, McMillan & Switzler

To solve problems, leaders must be able to influence a behavioral change. This book delivers powerful insight into how to make behavior change that remains forever.

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The Psychology of Money - by Morgan Housel

It's about our relationship with money. Morgan Housel shares stories and anecdotes exploring the strange ways people think about money, conveying financial and investing lessons. It covers interpretations of our relationship with money and tells us how thinking towards finances drives the important decisions of our life.

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Made in Japan - by Akio Morita and Sony

I own a copy that was published in 1988 and was gifted to me when I was stepping into my professional journey. I never had a chance to read it until a few months back and I instantly realized what I missed. A young engineer, Akio Morita's autobiography provides an insight into the rise of Sony and his extraordinary career as one of the most successful businessmen of our time.

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