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Learning is Insurance

While we often prioritize insurance coverage for our health, life, and even for our cars, we frequently overlook the importance of securing our careers. With economic turmoil across the globe, close to 140 thousand employees lost their jobs in 2022, and what’s scarier is that around 100 thousand have already been impacted in the first 3 months of 2023 in the US itself.

So, how can we get risk coverage for our careers? How can we make sure we are less affected by the turmoil happening around us? One effective strategy is to invest in learning, which is the best form of insurance we can get to safeguard our careers. Just like insurance protects against unpredictable events, learning can protect us against future uncertainties. By gaining new skills and knowledge, we are better equipped to face new challenges and changing circumstances. As investments grow over time, the knowledge we acquire can pay us dividends, if invested in the right learning assets.

Sometimes, when we receive our pay raises, bonuses, or profits from investments, we might be tempted to spend on new gadgets, booking extravagant vacations, or acquiring new furniture for our homes. While we tend to focus on buying materials, we tend to overlook the importance of allocating a portion of that income towards enhancing our skills and knowledge. It is important to remember that investing in ourselves through learning can also yield valuable long-term benefits for personal and professional growth.


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